5 Best Tips to Prevent Property Flooding

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Flooding is the most common and one of the costliest weather disasters in the U.S. Over the years, the damage that flooding brings is just massive and most homes and businesses in Cartersville that experienced flooding needed a water damage reconstruction in Cartersville.

Although it’s not that easy, flooding, in some ways, can be prevented. Here are the five best measures that will help you protect your property from flood damage.

Keep gutters clean.

The purpose of gutters is to safely divert water spilling off the roof away from the foundation of the home. When gutters get clogged up with birds' nests, sticks, leaves, and other debris, the water will likely spill out and can leak into the basement or foundation of your home. Spend some time making sure they are free of debris and are properly directing the water out and away from the foundation. Check your gutters regularly.

Check for cracks around the foundation.

Before dealing with severe weather, homeowners should regularly inspect their foundations for cracks or gaps. The same goes for basement walls and floors. Epoxy and masonry sealers can be used to treat these issues, but if they appear severe it may be wise to call a professional to ensure proper sealing of these cracks.

Make sure your sump pump is working.

In homes with basements prone to flooding, there is a good chance that a sump basin already exists and has a sump pump installed. Sump pumps automatically switch on as flood water fills the basin to remove it from the basement. Regularly check the operational status of the pump to make sure it will do its job in an emergency. Check with a professional if you don’t know how to do it.

Consider a generator.

Having a generator on hand will allow the sump pump and other key pieces of equipment to continue working, even during the inevitable power failures that happen during the severe weather season. It is critical to choose the right generator to power the amount of equipment needed to continue operating.

Elevate and anchor exposed equipment.

Air conditioning units and fuel tanks should be elevated above the flood level of the home, and any backup equipment like generators should be elevated as well. This will avoid any electrical problem or machine malfunction. Anchoring the equipment in place will prevent them from breaking free should water levels continue to rise.

How should I Prepare for a Flood?

Now that you are aware of how to prevent flooding in your property, let’s now discuss the things you can do to prepare for a flood in cases where
you least expect it.

Make a Flood Plan for Family.

Have a plan B, if plan A fails. Establish the emergency actions that need to occur in such a situation, and assign tasks to each family member r. Train your family members as to what to do during flooding, the meeting place, how to survive high waters, and what to do in the event of an evacuation. If you have pets and infants at home, it’s better to have a plan C.

Re-Wire the House Electrical Systems.

This may sound expensive, but as a rule of thumb, all parts of the house’s electrical sockets, switches, and wiring including basements should be elevated at least 12 inches above predicted flood levels.

Pre-Arrange the Furniture and Appliances for Flood.

Setting up the arrangement of your furniture and appliances to be flood-ready would protect them from damage. By the time the flood occurs, the appliances and furniture would be safe and you still have time for other important things to do.

Last-Minute Preparations.

Closely monitor the situation via radio for the latest flood updates. Don't forget to turn off your power and prepare your emergency supplies kit. Follow the instructions of local authorities if there is a need to evacuate.

Keep a water damage restoration in Cartersville contact number handy.

We never know what destruction flooding can bring.

It’s better if we prepare our home and business for the worst. If your home  is damaged by flooding, call experts for water removal Cartersville. If it’s your business that is damaged by flooding, then you can contact a water damage company in Cartersville, ServiceMaster of Cobb.

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