Benefits of Encapsulation Cleaning for Commercial Carpets

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First impressions hold great importance for business owners. This includes overall facility cleanliness, from floors to furniture. Carpets, in particular, need routine maintenance as they are one of the items that trap the most dirt. Over time, they may contain accumulated indoor dust, allergens, and other pollutants, look dull, and pose health risks if not cleaned and disinfected properly.

For most commercial facilities, the maintenance and restoration of carpets can be costly and time-consuming. In addition, carpets vary in type and therefore need specialized techniques for a comprehensive clean. Professional cleaning companies, such as ServiceMaster of Cobb, have licensed technicians equipped with the skills and equipment to clean carpets the professional way. To learn more about the professional carpet cleaning process, ServiceMaster of Cobb discusses the benefits of encapsulation cleaning for commercial carpets in this article.

What is Encapsulation Cleaning?

Encapsulation cleaning is a method which can retain your carpet’s optimum appearance on a daily basis. This method makes use of a specially formulated detergent that is circulated through a scrubbing machine and brushed into the carpet. Soil particles embedded deeply within the carpet fibers are surrounded by this solution and encapsulates them and dries them into hardened crystals to prevent other soils from attracting. After this process, these particles can then be easily removed by a regular vacuum cleaner.

Encapsulation is a low-moisture process that requires less time to dry, which means that carpets can be utilized sooner. There are different encapsulation cleaning methods available, but they all have quick dry times, usually just 30 minutes or less.

The Carpet Encapsulation Process

1. Vacuuming

To prepare the carpets for encapsulation, loose and dry soil particles are removed by regular vacuuming. This step could be streamlined if the carpet cleaning company also provides janitorial services.

2. Pretreating Spots

Carpets with significant or prominent stains and spots will require pre-treating. A spotting tool may be used to agitate the stubborn spot, or cleaners may spray it with the encapsulating solution to soak for several minutes.

3. Encapsulation

The encapsulating solution is applied to the carpet, and it is agitated by a counter-rotating brush machine. This allows the solution to bind the soil particles, encapsulate and dry them, and finally turn them into hardened crystals that can be removed by vacuuming.

Benefits Of Encapsulation Cleaning

Encapsulation cleaning has long-term benefits to commercial carpets. Some of them include:

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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