Business Fire Prevention Tips

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When we talk about fire prevention and fire safety, it usually revolves around a home or residence. But what about fire safety in a commercial business setting? ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration offers fire prevention tips for businesses and discusses ways to avoid fire damage at work.

Commercial Fire Damage Tips

Below are some tips you can use to help keep employees and co-workers safe by preventing a fire from breaking out at your place of business. In addition, we will discuss some tips to help reduce fire damage and property loss in an office environment.

Preventing Workplace Fires

There are many threats to a business owners livelihood – some preventable and others not. While not every fire can be prevented, there are some steps you and your employees can take to reduce the risk of a fire starting in the workplace.

Electrical fires make up a sizeable percentage of reported fire outbreaks each year and, in terms of property damage, are among the most costly. Fortunately, electrical fires are one of the most preventable types. For starters, never overload an electrical outlet or power strip. Electric sockets are only made to handle so much electricity, and the more electronics you plug into them, the higher the risk of a fire-causing power overload.

This is especially true for larger appliances, such as photocopiers and break room refrigerators. Never plug more than one major appliance into an outlet, as you run the risk of overloading the circuits.

Another way to reduce the risk of a fire is to keep flammable material and chemicals away from electrical outlets, power strips, and areas that experience higher-than-normal levels of heat, such as an oven or water heater. Clutter, in general, is a big fire hazard no-no, as excess clutter can act as fuel for a fire and help it spread to other areas.

A messy office can also prevent access to emergency exits at work, making it difficult for employees to evacuate and hard for emergency professionals to perform rescue efforts. Always keep entry and exit points clear. The same goes for electrical panels – if an electrical fire occurs, you will want to shut off power immediately. If the electrical panel is blocked, the fire will have time to spread before you can turn off the electricity.

Other areas you will want to avoid blocking off are those where fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and fire sprinklers are located.

Of course, no amount of preparation and care can prevent office fires 100% percent of the time. Because of this, we strongly urge you to develop a fire preparedness plan and rehearse it once a month with your employees. In addition, making sure everyone in the office knows how to use a fire extinguisher (and knows where they are located) is crucial in the event that a fire does occur.

Business Fire Damage Restoration

If your business is located in Georgia, or Tennessee and you need a fire damage restoration service or would like more information on how to prevent workplace fires, give the disaster recovery experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration a call. We will be happy to remediate any property damage your company sustains and offer advice on how to prevent fires – and other business catastrophes – from occurring.