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Mold damage is not something that can be ignored, as a simple spot can escalate into a full-blown problem in a very short amount of time. Knowing about the nature of mold, its method of spreading, and its effects to your property and health, is vital to enable you to take prompt action in case it grows in your home.

Here are the answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about mold damage in your home from the experts of ServiceMaster.

What is mold?

Why does mold grow in homes?

Where does mold usually grow?

Why is mold a problem?

What are the common types of mold found in homes?












What are the health risks of toxic mold exposure?

People with compromised immune systems, children and the elderly are more susceptible to the effects of black mold exposure.

Can mold cause structural damage?

Why is air quality testing recommended?

Mold inspectors may recommend an air quality test to determine the type of mold growing in your structure and the degree of infestation. Moreover, whatever the type of mold present, the CDC recommends that mold should be removed immediately to prevent future growth.

If you do decide to pay for environmental sampling for molds, before the work starts, you should ask the consultants who will do the work to establish criteria for interpreting the test results. They should tell you in advance what they will do or what recommendations they will make based on the sampling results. The results of samples taken in your unique situation cannot be interpreted without physical inspection of the contaminated area or without considering the building’s characteristics and the factors that led to the present condition.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

How do I remove musty odors in my home?

Odor is commonly linked to mold, but can also result from other sources like pets, moisture, disaster contaminates or even soil. While routine cleaning can be effective for some odor removal, pet urine often requires specialized deodorizing techniques. Removing the musty smell associated with high humidity or contaminates from smoke or trauma events is even more intensive.

The certified professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration will identify the source of the odor and utilize detection tools, specialized agents and equipment to:

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