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Fires can quickly burn a home and its contents in an instant. Even after firefighting efforts have been finished, residual smoke and water damage can ruin your property and personal belongings.

Unlike other home disasters (such as those brought about by tornadoes, hurricanes or floods), the majority of household fires are preventable—with a little thought and preparation. To help you prevent (or in worst case scenarios, recover from) fires, ServiceMaster of Cobb recommends these fire safety tips and resources for homeowners.

Prevent Electrical Fires

Roughly 10% of all home fires are a direct result of electrical malfunctions, resulting in roughly $1 billion in property damage each year and up to 1500 reported injuries or deaths. Fortunately for homeowners, electrical fires are one of the easiest types of fires to prevent.

Kitchen Fire Prevention

Home Heating Fire Prevention for Winter

Fire Prevention for Children

Young minds are curious and this curiosity can (and does) lead to household fires.

General Fire Prevention Tips

Below is a list of some general fire prevention tips to help protect your home from fire, fire damage, smoke damage, and water damage (as a result of rescue efforts).

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Types of Fire Extinguisher

Resources and Information for Fire Safety and Prevention

The following resources provide further information for fire safety and fire prevention, as well as information on recovering and mitigating fire damage, smoke and soot damage, and water damage.

Fire Prevention and Safety Education and Advice is an excellent resource for disaster-related information, including information on wildfires, home fires, severe storms and more. It also includes a comprehensive forum where users can ask questions and seek advice for preventing and recovering from catastrophic events.

Fire Safety and Wildfire Preparation Tips from

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) page for Fire Safety Tip Sheets:

American Red Cross Home Fire Safety guide: Home Fire Preparedness Safe Kids Fire Safety Tips for Children

Fire Damage and Fire Disaster Recovery Services