Four Spots Your Business Doesn’t Clean Frequently Enough

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Is your office or commercial space really clean enough to work in? 
Most business owners pay attention to basic office cleaning tasks like sweeping and vacuuming the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, wiping dust, and taking out the trash. This is a good start, but with so many employees sharing the same space, basic cleaning isn’t enough to kill tough germs and bacteria.
There are countless areas in your office that germs can thrive. Here’s a dirty little secret for you: an office coffee pot handle contains 34 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Ha! I bet you didn’t know that.
Learn the four most overlooked spots in your office that need to be cleaned regularly to keep your facility productive, healthy, and safe for you and your employees.


The handles in your office are a hot spot for unwanted germs and bacteria. Door handles are an obvious culprit, but there’s much more to pay attention to than that. Some of the dirtiest handles in your office are the following:

Buttons & Switches

The moment you come into your office, the first thing you will do is switch on the lights. Just like the handles in your building, you should also pay attention to the buttons scattered around your space. We might not realize it but yes, there are a multitude of germs building up if we leave these spots. 


Your break or lunch area is one of the dirtiest places in your office. One study found a huge number of break or lunch area surfaces to have a high level of bacteria contamination.

All of these surfaces can be found in a typical office break or lunch area. Employees may be spreading germs throughout the workplace every time they heat up lunch using the microwave oven, make coffee using the coffee maker, or grab something from the vending machine. 


An employee’s desk area is home to about millions of germs at any one time!

Personal desks need to be wiped down and disinfected regularly. Now that there’s the coronavirus pandemic, disinfecting is a must.  Although you can hope each employee will practice these proper hygiene habits, it’s always best not to leave the safety of the entire office at risk.

Take a trip around your office. These might not just be the top spots that you always forget to clean. There are a lot of missed spots, so it’s better to inspect and hire a professional cleaning service in Georgia. Leave this matter to the cleaning experts, ServiceMaster of Cobb, while you continue running your business, which you are good at. Our experienced and certified commercial cleaning technicians have built an excellent reputation and are trusted for high standards and effectiveness.

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