General Home Disinfecting Tips in Atlanta, Georgia

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In this time of the pandemic, how clean is your home? Cleaning your home during the pandemic isn’t just about sweeping floors, vacuuming, and wiping down surfaces with a cloth. These tasks are done specifically for the visible dust, dirt, and grime that naturally build up in many areas of your house. But with COVID-19 lurking around, general home disinfecting needs to be performed. 

Deep cleaning and disinfection are important measures that reduce the risk of exposure to many infections, including the virus that causes COVID-19. The best cleaning company in Atlanta uses a disinfectant process that incorporates a solution that is EPA-approved, following protocols of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the health department. 

Here are some tips for your Home Disinfecting:

Create a Plan

A combination of cleaning and disinfection effectively removes the COVID-19 virus and any type of bacteria and germs. That’s why before starting to clean, you have to plan the areas that are needed to be cleaned. 

You also need to consider the tools and equipment needed. Gather your equipment such as cleaning and disinfecting agents, cleaning cloths and mops, and protective equipment to wear (e.g. gloves) before you start cleaning. Have a separate cloth for general and bathroom areas. 

Implement the Plan

Indoor and outdoor areas that are regularly accessed by people must be cleaned with detergent and water at least daily to remove germs and dirt from surfaces. Use a fresh damp cloth to clean surfaces and a mop for hard surface floors. 

Once cleaned, surfaces can be disinfected with an EPA-approved disinfectant and dried with a clean cloth after the manufacturer’s recommended dwell time.

Lastly, always follow the directions indicated in the label of your cleaning product and make sure you know how to put on and take off the equipment you wear for protection from the products you use.

Make a Cleaning Routine

A cleaning routine will be wise in times of pandemic. Why? If you or your family constantly go out to buy some stuff or you have to work outside, you will be exposed. To keep a cleaning routine, it’s helpful to hire cleaning services in Atlanta, GA.

Aside from carpet cleaning in Atlanta, Georgiadisinfection is a heavy workload. Since this will be a new normal for all of us, disinfecting by yourself is different from professional disinfection. Why? Cleaning professionals know what they are doing. They are trained for it and they are aware of the dos and don’ts in cleaning. What you need to do is just trust them that they will do a good job (which they do).

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