How Can You Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Home?

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Most people are wary of the air they breathe outside but often neglect indoor air quality, despite spending the majority of their active hours inside. While it is true that there are many airborne particles outside, a lot of them manage to get indoors through natural ventilation. That is why indoor air quality is every bit as essential as outdoor air, if not more.

Clean carpet, cleaner indoor air

Indoor air quality in Georgia is closely tied to the condition of the rug inside your home. Studies have shown that houses with carpeted floors have more dust and other particulate matter compared to non-carpeted homes. That is because carpets behave as filters when it comes to airborne particles that manage to settle on your floor. Also, it is the likely destination of all dust and dirt from your shoes or those brought in by your pets. All it takes is a slight disturbance like foot traffic for the particulate matter on your carpets to be sent airborne again and breathed in by you and your family.

Understandably, the majority of the steps that could help you improve indoor air quality involves keeping your carpet clean.

Regular vacuuming

The first half of carpet care is something Georgia homeowners must do regularly, which is vacuuming. Vacuum your carpets twice a week if foot traffic is not heavy, focusing more on frequented areas such as hallways and entrances. If you have pets like dogs and cats, daily vacuuming is advised.

Professional carpet cleaning

The other half of total carpet care is professional carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months. Vacuuming is not be able to reach deep into the carpet backing to remove dust and dirt that have settled beyond the carpet pile. A professional carpet cleaning company in Fulton GA has the proper equipment and training to succeed where regular vacuuming fails.

Outdoor source control

Minimize the dust and dirt that gets inside your house by leaving them at the doorstep. Put a doormat at the entrance so you can remove most of the dirt from your shoes, then remove your shoes before entering. Reduce dust and dirt contamination further by cleaning your pets regularly.

Air defense

Your last line of defense in protecting indoor air quality is installing an air purifier. Using air purifiers alone or mainly would not be enough, though, especially if you have carpets. So this should not be your lone or primary method of improving indoor air quality.

Use air purifiers with HEPA filter, which could remove 98% of airborne particulate matter, and make sure it runs smoothly by cleaning the filter regularly and replacing it every 12 to 18 months.

Call in the professionals

Let the professionals take good care of your carpets, and your indoor air quality will follow. To guarantee proper carpet cleaning Fulton Georgia  homeowners deserve, call ServiceMaster of Cobb. They have the best Fulton GA carpet cleaning technicians to ensure your carpets and indoor air remain clean and safe.

Regular carpet cleaning is needed to improve indoor air quality, and you need ServiceMaster of Cobb to keep your carpet clean. Contact us at 678-264-3310 for Georgia, 423-220-4482 for Tennessee, and 678-909-1078 for Commercial.