How do Air Purifiers Remove Mold Spores in Your Home?

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Mold issues are a common problem, and one of the most common concerns customers bring to the experts. While most people are familiar with seasonal allergy problems, many do not realize how mold in their homes or offices can be contributing to their health problems like asthma and allergies. The questions below explore mold issues and solutions, including the role of air purifiers. Mold is a real issue that can cause health problems. The right air purifier can help. 

First, let’s understand how molds grow.

There are two major components that mold needs to flourish and thrive – a moist environment and a food source. Food, for mold, can be a number of very common household items, such as wood, fabric, fibers – even the organic residue and oils that we leave behind on surfaces through touch. With so many potential food sources, the element of moisture is the most critical for mold growth. If humidity is above 60% indoors, mold will easily be able to grow and spread. Even lower humidity levels can invite mold growth if other conditions are right.

A few of the adverse effects mold can have on your health include:

  • Allergy flares (itchy red eyes, skin rashes, runny nose, coughing)
  • Asthma problems (wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing)
  • Multiple chemical sensitivity flares (hives, rashes, dizziness, nausea, memory lapses, flu-like symptoms, breathing issues)
  • Respiratory problems in otherwise healthy people

How to get rid of mold indoors

Dampness and mold do tend to come as a package deal. Dampness is mostly related to moisture you can see, like leaks or high humidity conditions. Living or working in a damp home or building means being in an environment where mold spores thrive. A musty odor, moisture on hard surfaces and water stains that signify leaks or condensation are all symptoms of mold-friendly environments. In addition to mold, damp conditions create good conditions for the growth of other indoor pollutants, such as dust mites, bacteria, and viruses.

Water that leads to damp indoor environments can come from many sources. Since some are impossible to avoid, it’s important to keep all indoor spaces well-ventilated. Problems usually start when materials are wet long enough for mold to grow. If you do discover a water problem, fix it quickly, before mold can take hold.

How to purify air from mold

Mold prevention means limiting the moisture. Some of the biggest moisture sources are air conditioning units; basements, attics and crawl spaces; bathrooms; humidifiers and dehumidifiers; and refrigerators. Again, it’s important to fix all leaks and maintain a well-ventilated environment. Running your exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen will help reduce moisture. Regularly and thoroughly clean places where molds are likely to grow. Mold prevention also includes keeping indoor humidity levels below 50 percent.

During the cleaning process to remove mold from your environment, mold spores become airborne. To get rid of mold spores from indoor air, a high performing air purifier certified for mold removal should be used. A certified mold removal company in Sandy Springs should also help.

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