How Often Should a Carpet Be Cleaned?

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The carpet is a major investment in one’s home. Thus, it is understood that homeowners desire to have it in the best condition for many years. Carpets need to be dust-free and odor-free for a cleaner home.

It is recommended to have one’s carpet cleaned professionally every 12 to 18 months to keep it at its pristine appearance. This is only a generic guideline and can still change depending on different circumstances. There are homes that require a lesser span of time of cleaning as this is dependent on the personal preferences and lifestyle of the homeowner. Moreover, there are many aspects that homeowners should consider when they desire to have professional carpet cleaning in Cobb GA.

Check the number of people who frequently use the carpet. 

The more users a carpet is exposed to, the greater the probability that it needs more cleaning. An office entrance is dirtier compared to conference rooms, boardrooms, and executive rooms. Thus, an office entrance carpet requires more frequent cleaning compared to the other rooms.

For a family with four members, a homeowner can opt to have it cleaned by an IICRC certified carpet cleaning technician in Cobb GA once or twice a year. Carpets tend to get dirtier when there are younger kids or if there is a large number of family members.

Check the warranty conditions of the carpet. 

It is significant that all the terms and conditions for a carpet must be met. Carpet manufacturers require that their carpet must be steam-cleaned once a year. If this is not met, then the warranty will be nullified. If there is no warranty, then it is best to have it cleaned professionally by a carpet cleaning company in Cobb GA.

Pets decrease the lifespan of carpets.

It is recommended to have the carpet professionally cleaned every 6 to 9 months if there are dogs or cats that live inside the home. Carpets should be cleaned more frequently since pets shed fur. Carpet fiber gets to be damaged with the bacteria and dirt that these furry pets bring even if one vacuums the carpet 3 to 4 times a week. Even keeping the pets clean cannot ensure that the microorganisms will not damage the carpets.

Buying and installing a carpet requires a huge financial investment. Cleaning the carpet just needs a few hundred bucks. Professional carpet cleaning services extend the lifespan of a carpet and may no longer require a homeowner to purchase a replacement for a long period of time. 

Moreover, a clean carpet would be nice and fresh for people and guests. Allergies can be avoided as clean carpets protect one’s health. A room will be more beautiful with clean carpets and they make the occupant feel better. 

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