How to Know If Your Carpet Needs Cleaning

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If your house has a carpet, there is 100% chance that dirt is going to stick there.

You need to clean it. Carpeting is one of the most beautiful and comfortable flooring options, but it is also one of the options that needs cleaning maintenance.

We only give attention to our carpets if wine or food was spilled on them. We only rub the stained part of the carpet and forget to clean the rest of it. The disadvantage of carpeted floors is that we often fail to think about cleaning them, sometimes for a long time. 

While sometimes it is obvious when your carpet is dirty, there are indications that you should look out for to know that it is about time to clean it up. 

If you want your carpet to be in top shape, you need to clean it regularly. Below are numerous giveaways that your carpet needs professional cleaning. 

Your allergies are getting worse

If you are sensitive to house allergens like dust and pet fur, it is very important that you maintain regular carpet cleaning. You will know if your carpet is ripe for cleaning when you get teary-eyed when entering your bedroom or living room. 

Gray-toned carpet

Due to dirt accumulation in the most frequently used, monochromatic carpets tend to become multiple shades of whatever color they are. A thorough cleaning will do if your carpet already displays any shade of gray or fading. 

Appearance of mold and mildew

Light or dark spots of mold and mildew may begin to appear if your carpet has been exposed to damp conditions or food spills. If this situation is caught early, a good carpet cleaning may solve the problem, but if it can’t, then your carpet needs to be replaced. 

Carpet stains

Stains can happen anytime because of various reasons, from kids and pets having accidents to that friend who knocked over a glass of juice accidentally. Professional carpet cleaning in Atlanta, Georgia can get rid of these stains and make your carpet look new again. 

Smelly carpet

Carpets will really smell if not maintained properly. Whatever the reason is, carpet smells should disappear in a snap with a little help from a carpet deodorizer. 

Tired-looking carpets

Carpets can look tired, too. Constant foot traffic means that dirt is beginning to weigh down the fibers of your carpet. A good cleaning will make your carpet look lively again. 

No carpet cleaning for over a year

Your carpet can look and smell nice, but remember that doesn’t count if you haven’t cleaned your carpet for more than a year. It doesn’t mean that if you can’t see any dirt, it is already clean. It is time to get your phone and make an appointment to have your carpets cleaned. 

If any of the seven signs above applies to your carpets, call a professional carpet cleaning company in Atlanta, GA. We at ServiceMaster of Cobb, with IICRC-certified carpet cleaning technicians in Atlanta, GA, can assist you with restoring your commercial property back to its pre-incident condition with a minimal amount of disruption. 

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