How to Prepare for a Hurricane during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Probably for most Floridians, 2020 is the most stressful year of the decade, with the CoVid-19 pandemic paralyzing our way of life and a hurricane season threat next in line. While many people already found it difficult just to put food on the table and pay the bills, however, it seems the battle for human survival is challenging us even more with disaster threats. 

As known, the CoVid-19 virus has triggered disastrous socio-economic and political crises on infected countries, making it become the greatest threat to global public health of the century.

Basically, its name CoVid-19 is derived from ‘CO’ for ‘corona’, ‘VI’ for ‘virus’, ‘D’ for disease, and 19 for the year of its occurrence. It is a single stranded RNA virus having a diameter of 80 to 120 nm. Coronavirus was first reported in December 2019, in Wuhan, Hubei province of China and its most original cases were related to source infection from a seafood wholesale market. Until now, the disease has infected millions and continues to spread globally, almost to every continent except Antarctica.    

Although many experts stressed people living in disaster-prone regions are “highly resilient and can survive these natural disasters in time”, their resilience in dealing with these new situations will be challenged to the extreme.

Hurricane season preparation

In preparation for the coming hurricane season, you need to understand that preparation is a bit different compared to last year, and health-related awareness is a requirement always. 

  • Since this is a new experience, allow yourself more ample time than usual in preparation for your emergency water, food and medical supplies.
  • Review and make an inventory of your anti-hurricane preparation lists. Check and make additions to your list based on what CDC recommends, like masks, plastic gloves, hand sanitizers, water with liquid or bar soaps, and medicines for your bodily sustenance and strengthening of immune systems.
  • You can protect and reduce your exposure by limiting in-person visits from online deliveries, especially for your medical supplies from pharmacies. If available, you can sign-up for mail order delivery, or use drive-through windows or curbside pickup when you receive your goods or items.
  • Always remember to put your mask on with plastic gloves when handling your products or items for safety purposes.
  • Get updated with local guidance and protocols on evacuation information, including shelters, maps and even shelters for your pets.

In the event of flooding

  • Take refuge from high winds in a designated storm shelter or an interior room.
  • If you are in a building, avoid being trapped by going to its highest level. Do not climb in a closed attic, you might be trapped by rising flood waters.
  • When there is no need to evacuate, stay inside and prepare to evacuate to the highest point in your house, if necessary.
  • Do not swim, walk or drive through flooded waters. Better be safe than sorry.

Staying safe after a hurricane

  • After the passing of the storm, and when you return home with power available, do not start all major appliances at once. Gradually turn them on to reduce damage to sensitive household equipment. 
  • Read and follow post-storm safety precautions to protect your house and your family from hazards and contamination.
  • Document the damage done by the hurricane. Take pictures or videos, for someday you may use them for insurance purposes or for future reference in case next year another hurricane comes along.
  • If it is necessary to go to disaster shelters, follow CDC advisories and recommendations for staying safe and healthy when exposed to the public during the CoVid-19 pandemic.
  • As recommended, follow social distancing rules, staying away at least 6 feet or about 2 arms’ length, from others. Just be always wary in talking to other people. Try to avoid people who you suspect to be sick to safeguard your health concerns.

Last CoVid-19 Reminders:

  • Practicing proper hand hygiene is always a must.
  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands. Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes if your hands are dirty.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. 
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Sanitize your surroundings.
  • Use face masks.
  • Keep healthy habits like eating healthy food and getting enough rest to avoid getting sick. 
  • Always stay informed and follow health and safety guidelines from authorities.

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