How to Prevent Holiday Decor Fires in Georgia and Tennessee

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Holidays in Fulton, Georgia are exciting times to gather with family and friends, enjoy traditional decorations, and eat special food. Unfortunately, these holiday festivities can also present unique fire hazards. More residential fires happen during the colder months of the year and are primarily caused by cooking, heating, and electrical malfunctions.

While holiday decorations can provide plenty of charm and cheer with assorted bright lights, Christmas trees, and life-size Santa Claus figures, it is our responsibility to inform people of potential dangers. ServiceMaster of Cobb, a fire damage restoration company Fulton GA, wants to see the glowing lights that are symbols of the holiday season, but we also want the community to be safe. No matter what their reasons are for celebrating this month, we want everyone to enjoy the month of December safely.

If a fire disaster does strike your home, ServiceMaster of Cobb offers professional fire damage restoration Fulton GA to help people quickly recover and restore any damaged property. Within four hours of the initial notification, a ServiceMaster of Cobb technician will be on-site to start fire damage restoration services in Fulton GA. Exceptions may apply under certain conditions.

A house fire will certainly take the joy out of celebrating the holidays, so take appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of your home and your guests.

No matter what holidays you celebrate, consider these important steps on how to prevent holiday decor fires in Georgia and Tennessee.

  • Make sure string lights have no loose connections, cracked lamps or frayed cords.
  • Use only a single extension cord that can reach your home’s outlet without being too long and being tangled.
  • Make sure lights are off when you go out and before you turn in for the night.
  • Make sure all outdoor light connectors are away from metal rain gutters and off the ground.
  • Never use candles to light or decorate a tree.
  • To lessen the chance of a fire hazard, purchase a freshly cut tree.
  • Make sure to keep your tree at least three feet away from any heat source.
  • Water the tree every day, and remove it from your home after Christmas or once it becomes dry.
  • Don’t burn tree branches or wrapping paper in your fireplace.
  • Keep candles at least 12 inches away from anything that could burn.

Holiday trees aren’t the only items you’ll need to be careful with. Two out of every five home decoration fires are started by candles. The four most common days for candle fires are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Exercise caution if you have decorations at home this holiday season. Gathering family and friends around a fire can be a cozy, enjoyable way to experience the colder weather, but make sure your safety comes first. Keep your holidays happy and bright by making fire safety a priority during this festive season. From holiday candles to Christmas trees, dangling garlands and fireplaces, seasonal decors can often be hazardous if not properly put up or if they are placed next to a potentially dangerous item. Follow the advice of these industry experts to keep the holidays safe for you, your family and guests.

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