How to Prevent Home Disasters: Things to Do Before a Vacation in Georgia

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Excited for your upcoming vacation but still having the jitters of leaving your home?

Protect your home first from impending disasters, so that you are worry-free during your vacation. It is no great feeling to come home to a dilapidated house after being away for days of fun and relaxation. Secure your home, and you are sure of a stress-free vacation.

Here are 4 things to do before you go on a vacation in Georgia.

1. Shut off the main water supply.

It is always better to be safe than sorry, so the saying goes. This applies to a disaster that may be caused by a leaking pipe; it could be worse when it happens when you’re away on an extended vacation. Water damage due to broken pipes can be prevented by shutting off the main water supply. Turn off the main valve near the water meter on the day of your departure to be sure that you will not be arriving on flooded floors or ceilings that can cost you quite a big fortune for repairs. If you have forgotten to shut the water off, and disaster was not prevented, ServiceMaster of Cobb can bring your home back to its normal state. Water damage restoration in Paulding, GA is the expertise of ServiceMaster of Cobb. If a leaking pipe disaster was not prevented during your vacation, certified technicians from ServiceMaster of Cobb are available to help you.

2. Adjust the thermostat and the blinds.

It is a misconception that you can save money if you shut off your heat or your AC when on a vacation. You should note that keeping your home warm for at least 55 degrees in the winter prevents the pipes from freezing, which may cost you more if they break. In the summer, let your AC run at 80 degrees to prevent mold and mildew growth. If this ounce of prevention before your vacation has not been done and your home is infected with mildew, mold remediation services in Paulding, GA can be provided by ServiceMaster of Cobb. The mold and mildew damage will be taken care of by experts to ensure proper air quality is back in your home.

3. Unplug electrical appliances.

One of the scariest disasters one would wish to avoid is fire. Fire damage is not as easy to restore as with other disasters. Take all fire precaution measures, especially when you are leaving for an extended vacation. Throw away combustible trash. Unplug electrical appliances that may overheat or cause a short circuit to happen while you are away. If and when fire damage happens and hoping that it is not quite destructive, fire damage restoration in Paulding, GA can be handled by ServiceMaster of Cobb. Fire damage experts can help you with your problems concerning fire disasters.

4. Lock all your doors and windows.

When going on an extended vacation, make sure that all your doors and windows are locked. Locking all possible entrances and exits to your home not only prevents burglars and thieves from taking interest but also secures your house from small rodents or even wild animals that may enter it. Ensuring the locks on your doors and windows prevents your home from getting vandalized as well as prevents too much dust and dirt to enter while you are away.

When going on an extended vacation, it is possible to leave your worries on your doorstep and make the most of it, but if disasters do happen, ServiceMaster of Cobb is on-call 24/7 to help you. Contact us at 678-264-3310 for Georgia, 423-220-4482 for Tennessee, and 678-909-1078 for Commercial. You may also visit for more information. We serve businesses and homeowners in Fulton, Cobb, Bartow, Paulding, and surrounding areas.