Preparing for Hurricane Season

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Hurricane season has officially kicked off, and here in the United States, we have already seen our first tropical storm of the year. Severe weather can be devastating in terms of property damage and loss of personal items – not to mention the possibility of personal tragedies. 

After a devastating storm or hurricane, contact ServiceMaster of Cobb as soon as possible to visit your property for storm damage restoration and reconstruction service to the sections of your home that were severely damaged by heavy winds. Our job is to repair everything that has damage: returning your home to its pre-disaster condition. It is important to get repairs done immediately in order to avoid any additional complications to your already difficult situation.

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To help you prevent storm damage in Georgia, here are some tips and resources you can use to keep your home safe during the hurricane season.

Preparing For Hurricane Season

How to Prepare for a Hurricane in Marietta, GA

The best time to prepare for a hurricane is long before one ever forms in the ocean. Once hurricane season rolls around, you should begin preparations to secure your home and make sure you have enough supplies on hand to “weather the storm”.

When Is Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season officially begins June 1st and ends November 30th. Tropical storms can, however, arrive before and after these dates, but the majority of hurricanes and tropical storms in this region occur during this time period.

Difference Between A Tropical Depression, Tropical Storm, And Hurricane

Tropical Depressions

Tropical Storms


How To Prepare For A Hurricane

Preparing for a Hurricane

Even though weather forecasts and storm predictions improve each year, tropical storms and hurricanes are still unpredictable, and the property damage they can leave in their wake is often greater than analysts predict. Because of this, it is important to start preparing for a hurricane at the beginning of the hurricane season – if not before.

Have a map of all evacuation routes in your area.

Inspect your home or have a professional inspect it

Stock up on non-perishable supplies.

Stock up Medications

Secure any outside objects or bring them inside.

Fill up your vehicles with gas

What Is A Hurricane Warning and A Hurricane Watch?

Hurricane Watch:

Hurricane Warning:

What To Do During A Hurricane?

If you have not been ordered to evacuate and you feel safe in your home, once a hurricane or tropical storm hits, you should always:

What To In the Aftermath Of A Hurricane?

Hurricane Preparation Tips and Resources

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