ServiceMaster of Cobb Customer's Reviews

We are highly trained and certified in remediation and restoration in Georgia and Tennessee. We are also intimately familiar with the insurance industry and will work closely with all insurance carriers to ensure that a reasonable and fair settlement is reached and that the process is as smooth and efficient as possible. We value our customers and what they have to say. Please leave us a review of our services and what we can do more to help you with your concerns.


Great service and they delivered what they promised.

ServiceMaster of Cobb July 20, 2019


ServiceMaster met all their commitments and made good on their promises.

ServiceMaster of Cobb June 20, 2019

Jami Kirk

ServiceMaster Restore is a great, loyal and honest company. Their work brings peace of mind back to the homeowner after they have suffered a loss and most importantly, the job will be done correctly and timely.

ServiceMaster of Cobb June 19, 2019

Sam Schuster

I called ServiceMaster to clean up after a small water leak soaked through my floor and caused some minor mold growth. Someone was able to come look at the damage the same day, and the job was done on time and on budget. Everyone was very helpful and professional.

ServiceMaster of Cobb June 19, 2019

Keith Shelton

Great people

ServiceMaster of Cobb June 19, 2019

Austin Ware

Very friendly staff

ServiceMaster of Cobb June 19, 2019

Lauren J.

ServiceMaster employees were very professional. They made sure we understood the process and explained each step along the way. They assured that we would be taken care of properly, and we were.

ServiceMaster of Cobb October 28, 2018

Keith S.

Great people

ServiceMaster of Cobb July 21, 2018

Benjamin B.

Tyler and the rest of the team were extremely professional. They explained the process and stayed in contact throughout the entire process. I will definitely recommend them to any of my friends who need their services.

ServiceMaster of Cobb April 26, 2018

Austin W.

Very friendly staff  

ServiceMaster of Cobb March 2, 2018

Jeffrey S.

Very professional and thorough while we were dealing with difficult circumstances.

ServiceMaster of Cobb February 19, 2018

David N.

They did a great job. I am happy with it.

ServiceMaster of Cobb January 6, 2017

David V.

ServiceMaster was very courteous and professional. It was not a pleasant experience, but they didn't make it any worse.

ServiceMaster of Cobb May 16, 2016

Robert P.

I was impressed with the way Cobb came to my house, surveyed the damage thoroughly. laid out a plan of what would happen, and went to work with his time and amount of work needed survey correct. This young man has lots of experience for his young age.

ServiceMaster of Cobb May 4, 2016

David N.

ServiceMaster provided three services to us -- water damage mitigation, moving/storage of furniture, etc., and mold remediation. They provided excellent service in all three. Their staff was professional and knowledgeable. They listened to our concerns and addressed them along with all questions. They worked around our schedules and our other contractors. Above all, they treated

ServiceMaster of Cobb February 2, 2016

Cynthia O.

Terrific experience. They hold a standard of excellence in all that they do!!

ServiceMaster of Cobb November 6, 2015


Employees were very helpful, attentive, and thorough. They kept their word in terms of notifying me first if they had to enter the home while we were away. I would definitely recommend them to others.

ServiceMaster of Cobb June 25, 2015


quality work and efficient services

ServiceMaster of Cobb July 26, 2011


Very professional and knowledgeable. Jason was so courteous and served our needs wonderfully. Jason is an asset to your company. Definitely will use ServiceMaster again and will request Jason. Thank you.

ServiceMaster of Cobb July 7, 2011


Friendly and professional staff excellent service.

ServiceMaster of Cobb July 1, 2011