Should I Clean or Replace My Carpets?

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What should you do about your home’s worn and dirty carpeting?

You have two options: clean the carpets or replace them. If you need help deciding, take a look at what you need to know about cleaning your home’s carpets versus replacing them.

When your carpets are starting to look like they have seen better days, you may be wondering if it is time to get new ones or if you should try to salvage the ones you currently have. It is always cheaper to repair rather than replace, but there will be some instances in which buying new carpets is necessary. A general rule is to replace your carpets when they currently pose health risks like harboring mold or allergens. If your carpets have just a few stains, however, you can likely get professional carpet cleaning in Cobb GA help to restore them to their original glory. ServiceMaster of Cobb has IICRC certified carpet cleaning technicians in Cobb GA that offer carpet cleaning services in Cobb GA.

If you have stains that can come out with professional carpet cleaning, you should invest in this service. Many carpet cleaning companies can take out even tough stains from wine, chocolate, and permanent markers. When in doubt, there’s no harm in calling your local cleaners and asking what situations they can handle. Overall, here’s how you know your carpets can be saved with some professional.

  • The stains are superficial
  • Your carpets are not damaged by floodwater
  • Your carpets are free from mold, biohazards, or harmful allergens

When do I need to buy new carpets?

A carpet can last for as long as you want it to, and it can easily outlast its owner depending on use and care. However, most of us have a carpet because we want to walk on it and live on it, not just look at it. At some point, we have to consider replacing the carpet. These reasons may include events such as buying or selling a home, water damage, discoloration or wear of carpet from long-term use, and permanent damage from stains or pets, just to name a few. Not all of these situations require replacement.

Lastly, when you are deciding whether or not to replace your carpet, you will want to consider what is happening in your life, your home, and your family.  Do you have two young kids who love to play in the mud and often forget to take their shoes off? Did you just welcome a new puppy who isn’t trained yet into your home? Are you hosting a big event that will likely mean a lot of visitors with dirty shoes tracking through your living space?  In these kinds of cases, you might want to put off replacing your carpet for a little while.

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