Steps in Preparing Your Emergency Fire Evacuation Plan

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In the instance of a fire, a quick and safe evacuation of everyone in the building is of the utmost importance. Fire damage, smoke damage, and soot damage spread fast and could leave people trapped in dangerous, inescapable locations if an evacuation plan is not in place. You are known as the ‘responsible person’ if you can ensure that no one is ever put in that position by preparing an effective and tested evacuation plan.

ServiceMaster of Cobb is a  fire damage restoration company in Cobb Georgia specializing in smoke odor removal in Cobb GA, soot removal in Cobb GA,  soot cleanup in Cobb GA and content cleaning from fire and smoke damage in Cobb, GA.  A good fire safety practice is to have an emergency evacuation plan in place in case of a fire but if you do not already have a plan or the nature of the fire makes your original plan too dangerous, following the fire evacuation tips will help you get out safely.  After the fire is extinguished, you must call a professional for fire damage restoration in Cobb immediately because the damage from a fire can continue to spread and even get worse.  A fire damage restoration professional like ServiceMaster by Cobb can limit and restore the damage from fire and smoke and even cigarette smoke odor removal services. Here are some steps in preparing your emergency fire evacuation plan.

1. What to do if you discover a fire

Raise the alarm and contact the emergency services. If the fire is small enough it may be able to be extinguished (see firefighting equipment) but safety always comes first. If in doubt, evacuate.

2. What to do if you  hear the fire alarm

Leave as quickly as possible by the designated emergency route. Fire marshals have additional duties and responsibilities if the alarm rings, this is covered later in this blog.

3. Escape routes, refuges and exits, especially those not in regular use

These need to be signed. Evacuation routes must be clear of boxes, tables, or storage of anything, even temporarily. Drills need to be undertaken once a year (minimum) so people are familiar with the evacuation route.

4. How to raise the alarm

Where are the fire alarm call points? How are they used?

5. Who calls the fire and rescue service

This needs to be done as soon as possible. This is usually a responsibility of the fire marshal(s).

6. Provisions for people with disabilities

If a person requires additional assistance, ensure they have a Personal Emergency and Evacuation Plan which clearly explains how they will evacuate.

7. Evacuation procedures, guide to exits, make sure you’re clear of the building.

Keep evacuation routes clear. Fire exit routes should be signed and there should be an emergency evacuation map displayed. A well-planned emergency evacuation procedure is essential but only works if everyone in your building has been trained in fire safety. Education is key. Make sure everyone receives regular training and understands the importance of fire safety. Evacuation plans need to be visible, fire exit signs need to be clear and people must know who to speak to if they spot something they think could be dangerous. If everyone knows what is unsafe and needs to be dealt with, the risk of fire is reduced.

Fires must be treated differently than most disasters because unlike water or mold, fires put you and your family at immediate risk of being seriously injured or worse.  In the event of a fire, everyone in the home must evacuate and get to a safe place.  Putting together a fire escape plan with your family is a good idea but if you have no set escape plan when a fire occurs, these fire evacuation steps could save your life. If your home or business experienced significant fire damage or water damage due to fire, it is best to hire a company like ServiceMaster of Cobb that specializes in this type of cleanup to do the work for you. While this is more expensive than doing it yourself, it is particularly important if there is water damage that could lead to mold without proper remediation or fire damage that could have released asbestos fibers into the air. A lack of proper cleanup and restoration could make matters worse, increase damage to your home or put your health at risk. Contact ServiceMaster of Cobb now for immediate response to your fire damage clean up needs, or simply call to get to know our process and professionals so you’re informed and prepared should disaster strike.