When is Biohazard and Crime Scene Clean Up Necessary?

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Any tragic event is always unexpected and traumatizing. Nobody thinks or wishes for such things to happen, that’s why when tragedy strikes, people are unsure of the next step to take. Professional approach and fast response time is a must for any ​crime scene cleanup ​and can only be left at the hands of experts. ​Immediate response coupled with expertise is critical to ​biohazard cleanup.

Professional and experienced handling is necessary after a ​crime scene happened within your property to ensure that your property is free from the traces of a bloody or traumatic accident. State-of-the-art equipment and expert techniques are essential in gathering evidence and must be handled by professionals. Unattended deaths which might involve decomposing bodies should also be dealt with care and consideration for people and property. It is best to leave these to technicians who have been rigorously trained to handle seriously hazardous materials like blood and other bodily fluids. The danger of not addressing these immediately is that it increases the risk of blood-borne pathogens to manifest in your property. The trained professionals of ServiceMaster are always geared with personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling contaminated materials before disposing them to a licensed waste facility. It is also essential to note that the level of safety of the vehicle used to transport the ​biohazard material ​from any cleanup​​is a foremost consideration.

Experts at ServiceMaster – the best company to call during these difficult times as they can reduce downtime and offer the best ​cleanup services for your family at a reduced cost. Disinfecting a property is not only limited to safely managing the rigors of a crime scene. Emergency rooms in hospitals can also be a breeding ground of a biohazard from filth or even unsanitized hospital rooms. Unattended deaths or decompositions emit unpleasant odors and smells coupled invisible pathogens floating in the air, and, when inhaled, could cause respiratory damage when mishandled.

Besides crime scene cleanup services, trained technicians at ServiceMaster also offer cleaning services for properties that might have been contaminated due to methamphetamine (meth) production. Properties that housed meth lab operations have more or less accumulated toxic and reactive substances that can cause very adverse reactions to its future tenants. Children and individuals with compromised immune systems might eventually suffer from the toxins that might bioaccumulate in their respiratory systems– causing unwanted headaches and nausea. Luckily for the residents of Georgia, ServiceMaster has an established Meth Lab Cleanup Protocol that fully conforms to EPA Guidelines for biohazard cleaning to thoroughly sanitize and decontaminate your property.

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